Viesia's Flower Shop


Since childhood Viesia's dream was to work in a flower shop. At her first day of school the assignment was: "Draw whom you want to be when you grow up". Viesia drew a stick figure in a flower shop. 

Fast forward many years, change country from Poland to USA, and you will see Viesia's dream come true. In 1992, with a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Design from OSU under her belt,  she opened The Flower Garden in Corvallis. Very quickly  the shop gained reputation for European flair and attention to detail. Viesia's love for flowers showed in every design.

Fast forward again to 2002 when Viesia joined forces with Demetri - the owner of GreenGable Farms, a tulip farm. Together they bought a 28 acre property in Philomath and started GreenGable Garden - the new home for the Flower Shop and the Farm. 

The collaboration with a fresh flower grower is a marvelous one!  The Shop has the freshest flowers possible, often cut just for an order. In addition to flowers produced on the Farm, the Shop provides flowers from around the world. Thanks to Demetri's connections with other flower growers, the Shop buys flowers directly from Farms they know and trust. "From Farm to You" is not just a slogan for them, it is reality. 

The Shop has several floral designers, who using the freshest flowers possible, create fabulous floral arrangements. They love composing wedding, event, every day and corporate floral sculptures. 

The love of flowers and any plant material coming from Earth shows in all floral creations for the benefit of all the customers, events, and spaces. 

Demetri's Farm


Demetri's passion for farming started a long time ago and led him to a degree from OSU in Crop Production. After graduation, being land poor, he worked at Cenex for many years helping other farmers grow their crops. But he always dreamed of his own farm.

In 1992  an opportunity presented itself and Demetri took over a tulip farm on Peoria Road in Corvallis. Finally he could farm himself. 

But in 2002 his lease on land was ending and it was time to move to his own place. Together with Viesia, he bought 28 acres in Philomath, OR. It is a beautiful spot, with 3/4 of a mile of Greasy Creak running through the middle of it.  They named it GreenGable Garden and it is the home base for his Farm now. He also farms an additional 80 acres on NW Wolcott St in Corvallis. There is a Flower Stand where you can buy flowers almost year round.

The Farm's season starts with daffodils in February, tulips in March, irises  in May, peonies in June, lilies in June and July, dahlias and sunflowers through the summer, back to tulips from greenhouses in fall and winter.... and many, many crops in between. Year round of flower beauty!



Lily and Rosie