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School Trips

School Trips

School Trips are very welcome at our Farm!

The best time to come is Tuesday to Thursday. We schedule one school at a time, please call to reserve time, 541-929-4444.

We consider a visit to be a "School Trip" when:

- all kids come on one bus,

- one person in charge pays for everybody by one payment.

You can choose between:

- $5 per person - that includes a pumpkin about 10 - 15lb (or what the children can carry by themselves) and access to all grounds accept the Corn Maze.

- $10 per person - the above plus a ticket to the Corn Maze and Scavenger Hunt.

- $5 per person - ticket to the Corn Maze and Scavenger Hunt and access to all grounds.

You can make an arrangement for one of our staff to talk about how we grow pumpkins and answer farm questions. It works best when the kids are a little older. Please let us know before you come.  


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