Pumpkin Patch

winter squashes and pumpkins
Great Selection


Each year we grow about 100 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and winter squashes. That gives us orange, blue, green,  white, yellow, red, striped and bumped pumpkins and squashes. The huge variety is what we are known for.  Each year we add new varieties so the list of favorites grows and grows.  

We have U-Pick and already Picked options. The porch of the GreenGable Shop is stocked well with all the varieties. 

School tour
School Talks


We love when school children visit our Pumpkin Patch and our Flower Shop. 

$3.00 per child option - each child gets a pumpkin they can carry, access to the patch, the straw maze, and the Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage as a photo op. 


$5.00 per child option - as above, plus an educational talk about pumpkin's origins, how to grow pumpkins, uses of winter squashes, trivia, etc. The talk can be 10 - 20 minutes, depending on the age of the group. 10 children minimum per group. 

Please call us to schedule your visit at 541-929-4444

Cinderella pumpkin carriage
Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage


For the best photos ever,  we've got a Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage as a background.

We found it on, where else, craigslist. We brought it home, stripped of the old  and put on a new coat of paint,  and fixed the seats.  It looks great! Kids and adults alike sit in it.       

Straw bale maze
Straw bale maze


We make a fun straw bale maze for the small kids.    

Fun fact: Couple of years ago a flock of wild turkeys visited the maze. They had fun too!