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What is here:
  • Over 200 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squashes - decorator's autumn paradise!

  • Wreaths, decorated pumpkins and other décor to make your house ready for fall.

  • HARVEST FEEL rather than All Saints Day. "It is just so pretty here!" - we've been told many times. 

  • Easy, relaxing atmosphere for all ages. 

  • Everything is close to the Shop.

  • Concrete around the Shop, gravel parking and driveway, dirt and grass. 

  • Easy Corn Maze and Scavenger's Hunt, it takes about 15-20 minutes. 

  • Free parking, right next to the Shop, the Patch, and the Corn Maze.

  • Freshly made cider doughnuts on the weekends.

What is not here:
  • Fees - no admission fees, no parking fees... you only pay for pumpkins, food, merchandise, and Corn Maze tickets. 

  • Rides - you don't have to pay for a ride to take you to the patch. 

  • Scary stuff, no skeletons, skulls, bones of any kind, graves or Grim Reapers.

Great Selection of Pumpkins 
To provide every color, shape and size, bump and stripe we grow over 200 varieties of pumpkins, gourds and squashes. The name pumpkin, gourd and  squash is used very often interchangeably. But if you follow their Latin names though, they are actually gourds. They belong to Cucurbitaceae family and Cucurbita genus, which means "gourd".

We grow 5 of the genus:
- Cucurbita argyrosperma - for example cushaw and silver edged squashes
- Cucurbita maxima - for example banana, hubbard and buttercup squashes
- Cucurbita moschata - for example butternut squash
- Cucurbita pepo - for example the orange carving pumpkins
- Cucurbita ficifolia - the chilacayote or fig leaf gourd

We also grow the African green gourds:
Lagenaria siceraria - for example the birdhouse

But if you want to explain it to a child, a good way is this:
Squashes are to eat, Pumpkins are to carve, Gourds are to decorate with. 
Often asked questions:
  • How much does it cost to come to the Pumpkin Patch? - We do not charge admission, we charge just for pumpkins, food and Corn Maze tickets.

  • How can I pay? - We take credit cards, checks and cash.

  • Can I take pictures? - Yes please! See more info in "Photography" section.

  • Can I have a party at the Pumpkin Patch? - You are welcome to celebrate Birthdays and special occasions here. Weekends are busy, so during the week you can enjoy the Patch a lot more. We are a small farm, so carpooling is greatly appreciated. We do not set up or reserve tables. 

  • Can I bring my dog? - Dogs socialized with people and other dogs, on a short leash are welcomed. See more info in "Pet Friendly" section. 

  • Are we handicap accessible? - Yes. We have concrete and hard gravel around the shop. The Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze though, is just dirt and is not wheelchair friendly, especially after rain. 

  • Can I save seeds from the pumpkins for my own garden? - Many of our pumpkins are hybrids so you won't get the same variety next year. Also, we grow all the varieties together and they crosspollinate - another reason you probably won't get the same pumpkin next year. 

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