Corporate and Office Flowers

"I must have flowers, always, and always." - Claude Monet

There is great power in flowers in the office.

Flowers not only decorate office space, but also have great influence on your employees and customers. 

There is nothing better than an office full of hard working, happy people! Exposure to flowers can reduce anxiety and negativity, improve memory and even boost creativity.

Welcoming, warm environment with a little piece of colorful nature makes customers comfortable and at ease. Flowers also make a good starting point of conversation. 

Weekly office flowers

GreenGable delivers flowers to many offices. We come once a week with a fresh floral arrangement and make your office look great and the people happy!

What YOU do:

- Select the day of the week when you would like to receive flowers. Many offices choose Monday if the business is open Mon - Fri. Offices open on weekends  choose Thursday or Friday.  

- Select weekly budget - $20, $25, $30, $40, $50, $200 a week for example. It really is your choice.

- Give us your address to bill you once a month, or a credit card to bill you weekly or monthly. 

What WE do:

- We provide the freshest flowers from our farm or from farms we know and trust.

- We provide free containers - you never pay for a vase. When we bring a fresh arrangement we pick up the arrangement from the previous week. We sterilize containers before we can use them again. 

- We follow the seasons in flower and color selection. Your arrangement is always fresh and harmonious with the surroundings. 

- No arranging fee - we only charge you for the flowers.

- No delivery fee - FREE delivery for the standing orders.