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Corn Maze with a Scavenger Hunt

Corn Maze

The Corn Maze is also a Scavenger Hunt. It works like this: purchase a ticket at the Shop and go to the Maze; in the Maze you will be looking for black boxes with hole punchers; when you find them, you will punch your ticket; when you find all of them, back at the Shop you will get a Free Gourd as a Prize! The Corn Maze takes about 15 - 20 minutes which makes it perfect for all, parents with smaller kids, and the rest of us young at heart.  

The Tickets are:

   - $5 per person 4 years and older (all persons who already had their 4th birthday)

   - Babies and toddlers are free (all persons who did not have their 4th birthday yet)

When it rains, or days after it rained, the Maze is muddy, please come with appropriate boots. 

You can bring your dog, but ONLY ON THE LEASH!  And scoop the poop! please.  

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